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Bullet Force

(1,629,675 votes)
Blayze Games
June 2016
Last Updated:
June 2024
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)
Wiki pages:

Bullet Force is an online multiplayer FPS game featuring fast-paced action. Battle against other players on tactical maps using a range of weapons at your disposal. Crate custom games and buy new perks to improve your character.

How to Play

Basic gameplay

Hop into online FPS battles and put your reactions and aim skills to the test on a range of intense battleground maps from small to large. You can play live against up to 20 players using a plethora of weapons like the M4A1, colt 45, M67 grenades, AWP sniper rifle, and many more.

Game modes

You’ll find all the classic FPS game modes on Bullet Force. You can play TDM (Team Death Match), FFA (Free-For-All), Conquest, and Gun Game. All of these game modes feature live-action battles between you and other players. However, you can also play offline against bots too! If you just want to play quickly, you can jump into a game instantly with quick play.

Customize your soldier

There are over 100 camouflages and a vast array of optics, laser sights and other weapon attachments to make your weapons your own. Along with weapons skins is full character customization, ranging from aesthetic changes to performance-boosting perks and killstreaks. You can equip these in-game to get an edge over the competition.

Create a custom game

You can set up your own public or private game in Bullet Force. The custom options are extensive. You can choose the game mode, max players, ping, and the specific weapons players can and can’t use.

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Bullet Force is an excellent FPS game with classic charm. If you love this kind of raw skill-based shooting game, check out Kirka.io and Ev.io for more. You can also check out another Blayze FPS game Forward Assault.


  • Fight intense FPS gun battles with other players
  • Play online with up to 20 people
  • Buy new killstreaks and perks
  • Extensive custom game options


Bullet Force Multiplayer is developed by Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde).

Release Date

The initial release date was June 2016. Since then there have been many updates to the game.


Bullet Force is available as a PC game in the browser on CrazyGames (using WebGL), as an Android app, and as an iOS app. This means that you can play it on pretty much any device!

Last Updated

Jun 19, 2024


  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump
  • T to chat
  • Mouse to shoot
  • Shift to run
  • P to pause the game
  • Enter to respawn
  • G to throw a grenade
  • E to pick up a gun
  • F to use a knife
  • R to reload your weapon
  • C to crouch
  • 2 to change your weapon
  • Arrow keys for killstreaks
  • Tab key for the score


Can I play Bullet Force on my computer?

Yes, you can play Bullet Force for PC exclusively on CrazyGames!

How to play Bullet Force?

  • Go to Bullet Force on CrazyGames
  • Load the game
  • Create an account or play as guest
  • Enter a room

Who created Bullet Force?

Bullet Force is developed by Blayze Games. It was originally created by Lucas Wilde.

What weapons are available in Bullet Force?

There are dozens upon dozens of weapons available in Bullet Force. These include, among many others, M4A1, Compact .45 or M67 Frag, CX Scorpio, MPX, MP5, and 870 MCS.

What game modes exist in Bullet Force?

The 7 game modes in Bullet Force are:
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free for All
  • Conquest
  • VIP
  • Hardcore TDM
  • Hardcore FFA
  • Gun Game and One Man Show (Gun Game)

Gameplay Video


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