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October 2022
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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DEADSHOT.io is an online first-person shooter game with several maps, weapons, and game modes. Play against your friends or other players worldwide, and login to unlock more features!

How to Play

Play skilfully

DEADSHOT is a skill-based FPS that follows in the footsteps of great competitive FPS games like CS:GO. Click 'play' to instantly hop into an online game on one of the several maps and game modes. You can invite a party of friends to join in with you! If you want to play a specific mode or map, you can join a custom game or create your own.

Join a variety of game modes

There are several game modes to enjoy in DEADSHOT.io. These are:

  • FFA - Free for All, everyone is your enemy.
  • TDM - Team Deathmatch, two teams fight it out for the highest score.
  • Hardpoint - Similar to TDM, but the winning team is determined by how long team members stand on a designated area.
  • KC - Kill Confirmed - Collect dog tags from the dead and reach a certain amount to win the game.
  • Domination - A team-based mode where you battle to capture the designated points.

Top the leaderboard

Compete with other players to top the leaderboards and become a pro-FPS player, dominating the game. You can customize the settings in detail to ensure you find a comfortable way to play and get an edge over your opponents.

When you have an account, you can login and purchase new weapons and other items from the shop, which are then stored in your locker.

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Release Date

October 2022


GoalieSave25 made this game.


Web browser


  • WASD = move
  • Space = jump
  • Shift = crouch / slide
  • Enter = chat
  • ~ or Esc = pause
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click / L = iron sight


What is the newest map in DEADSHOT.io?

Vineyard is the fifth and newest map to be added to the game at the start of 2024.

How can I improve my accuracy in DEADSHOT.io?

Get used to zooming down your sights. This greatly improves the accuracy by reducing the spread of your bullets.

Gameplay Video