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Slice Master

(58,725 votes)
April 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Slice Master is a casual one-person game whose goal is to slice everything in sight, well, almost everything. This one-button game is driven by precision, timing, and discernment to rack up a high score. Flying knives are generally a no-no, but in this game, they are the only way to progress to new blades and skins.

How to Play Slice Master

Slice Master is a one-button game controlled by the space pad on your keyword or the left click on your mouse. All the control lies in this one simple movement. The game has an ASMR quality, and the consistent slicing is oddly soothing in sound.

The aim is simple: slice everything in sight: fruit, shapes, walls, furniture, and more. You can slice most things, but don’t add the white wall to your target list—it’s just a holding material for your knife.

You will get to shop along the way, using the coins accumulated to purchase objects like sharper blades, swords, mace, and more.


  1. Stay away from the pink spiked metal shapes. They are too strong for your knife and will take you straight back to the beginning of the round.
  2. Hit the correct numeric target at the end of each level to multiply your points by the target number and boost your score.

Release Date

April 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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Use the left mouse button or space to flip your knife into action.


How can I earn more points in Slice Masters?

When you reach the end of the level, make sure you hit the numbered targets to multiply your points. The higher the number, the more points you will receive, so aim high.

Can I cut the white pillar in Slice Masters?

No, the white pillar can’t be cut, but you can attach it and use it as a safety net to prevent it from hitting the ground.

Can I go backwards in Slice Masters?

No, you can only go forward in Slice Masters.

How many knives can I unlock in Slice Masters?

You can unlock 9 knives in Slice Masters so keep those points coming.

Gameplay Video